MobileTex is a monthly newsletter providing commercial news, latest products, and marketing and technical information of the global transport textiles industry, including the automotive, aerospace, railway and marine sectors. The publication is delivered by e-mail (PDF).

MobileTex is aimed at producers and users of fibres, yarns, fabrics and end-products used in automotive and transportation textiles. The key readership is Western and Eastern Europe, North America and the Far East.

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Automotive Composites: The make-or-break decade for carbon and natural fibres (2nd edition) – reviews the use of composites in the automotive sector and assesses how far these materials are from being used in mass vehicle production. For more information, click HERE

Automotive Textiles: Moving towards a new global equilibrium (3rd edition) – this updated edition analyses the fast-altering global automotive textiles industry and describes the wide-ranging use of textile materials in vehicles. For more information, click HERE

Automotive Nonwovens: Driving the need for lighter, fuel-efficient vehicles (1st edition) – profiles of around 40 leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers worldwide that produce or use nonwovens in automotive applications, as well as key fibre producers. For more information click HERE

Asian Automotive Textiles: Opportunities and challenges for leading producers (1st edition) – the latest commercial information on leading automotive textile producers in Asia and an in-depth analysis of current business environment. For more information, click HERE

Aircraft Textiles: Interior fabrics and air cabin fashion 25 supplier profiles (1st edition) a review and analysis of the global aircraft textiles industry. For more information, click HERE

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